Stop Losing Money and Focus on Customer Service (Infographic)

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Your customers probably don’t like you as much as you think. Here’s a look at how improving customer service can boost your bottom line.

Sara Conrad's insight:

Granted I am but one person, however, World Soccer Shop and especially The Tile App, have lost my business and I have definitely talked to over 24 people about how bad Tile is. 

For the past 3 world cups, judging by my t-shirt collection, I purchased items from WSS. Why did I stop? They did not acknowledge my tweets or mentions. I was tweeting about G. Rossi and mentioned person could buy his jersey from WSS. He RT’d, etc. No nothing from WSS. This past World Cup in Brazil, I asked them question on social media. No reply. 

Am I now ‘bad mouthing’ them or am I giving an honest review of why I don’t shop there anymore? 

Now to Tile. It has been over a year since I first ordered my 4 tiles. Over a year. That company has had my money for over a year and delivered nothing. If I had loaned them the money and charged them interest a-la a credit card company, they would owe me money now. Instead, they keep pushing the dates out and out and out. The fact that the company gave dates of delivery and has continually pushed them back is what really ticks me off. You don’t tell a paying customer they will have their items by a certain date and then change the date on them, not once, not twice but more than three times. 

My vote for worst company of the recent times goes to Tile. 

Customer service matters people. Especially if said customer likes to post across the web. 

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Sarah Silverman shows off her ‘liquid pot’ vaporizer before winning an Emmy

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A 7:30PM ET, showing off her vape pen on the E! Red Carpet special: “This is my pot. It’s liquid pot.”
9:40PM ET, accepting the Emmy Award for Outstanding Variety Special (for her HBO standup…

Sara Conrad's insight:

A huge thank you to Sarah Silverman and Whoopie Goldberg for their public acknowledgement of their enjoyment of legal Cannabis. 

"Liquid pot" indeed!! 

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Tourists flock to Colorado to smoke legal weed

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Legal marijuana has fueled tourism boom in Denver and Boulder.

Sara Conrad's insight:

Everyone knows that people are coming to Colorado for legal, adult use Cannabis and yet, and yet…. all the Chamber of Commerce’s, all the advertising agencies for the state are unwelcoming. Heck, our Governor doesn’t even support Cannabis, regardless of how much money and jobs it has brought and continues to bring to Colorado. 

Forget them all and listen to this:

Come visit!

Come try our small-crop, organic Cannabis!


WELCOME TO COLORADO! First state with legal adult-use Cannabis!!

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Rachel O’Bryan: Colorado is going to pot

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Don’t let Florida do the same

Sara Conrad's insight:

Dear Florida,

Don’t believe a word out of this woman’s mouth as she knows not what she speaks of. Instead, seek out some parents who have moved to Colorado for their children, or for other loved ones. Or speak to some of the activists here that use Cannabis for medicinal purposes. Or speak to some of the adults who enjoy Cannabis on a Friday night instead of getting drunk off their butts. 

Remember also that the woman pictured above also gets paid for spouting off her insane, outdated beliefs.

SMART? Not at all. 

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