Dr. Drew Pinsky on marijuana: “It causes severe addiction”

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“It acts like an opiate and causes severe addiction,”

Sara Conrad's insight:

"“It acts like an opiate and causes severe addiction,” - HAHAHAHAHA

"Dr". Drew is a paid yacker, just like Kevin Sabet. They are both paid big bucks $$$$$ to spew their opinions and those of those that pay them, they are paid by how many beds they fill at their "rehab" centers for marijuana users. 

What a bunch of hooey. 

And btw, Dr. Drew, the people of Colorado voted for adult use Cannabis, GTFO of my state and STFU. Go peddle your wackadoodle views elsewhere. 

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Shipping and Status Update

Over a year wait as you just pushed my delivery to October from September. Glad to know you are sorry. Here’s what you do, you send all of us that have had to wait this long an extra two as a goodwill gesture. 

More than anything else, it’s the constant pushing back of delivery after being told this month, and now this month, and oh, sorry, now it’s this month.

At least you make a great bad example. 



I wanted to provide a comprehensive shipping and status update for all of our supporters that are still awaiting their Tile order. 

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A Cringe-Inducing Evening With Jordan Belfort, the Real “Wolf of Wall Street”

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This article originally appeared in Business Insider. Hundreds of people (mostly men) packed the house at the 92nd Street Y in Manhattan’s Upper East Side to see the real-life “Wolf of Wall Street,” Jordan Belfort.  Belfort is the author of a best-selling tell-all memoir that chronicled his boozy, drug-fueled, high-flying…

Sara Conrad's insight:

This is all you need to know about Jordan Belfort:

"He was also ordered to pay $110.4 million in restitution to victims of Stratton Oakmont’s. He hasn’t finished paying them back yet, either."


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What Is It Really Like to Work in Social Media?

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So you want to be the person behind the social media accounts of a brand? Be prepared for an incredible amount of pressure and importance to your job.

Sara Conrad's insight:

This is what I do, this is what I study and use every single day, what I constantly research and learn about and what I love to do. 

I am looking for a job.

I work well with others of all ages, I type incredibly fast (trained typist/secretary), am a fast learner, am not afraid to ask questions and most importantly, I share my knowledge and don’t hoard it. The work and efforts of my work are easily seen when looking at both my personal branding and that of the gift shop I have been working for. 

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Reasons to be cheerful, parts 1, 2, 3

Disappointment. Discouraged. Depressed. 

January I was ‘promised’ position as booking agent. Wrote blog posts, pushed out a bit. Thank goodness I already was seeing red flags and am gosh darn smart enough not to fucking work for free. Never happened. Nothing. No nothing. No press, no job, no assistance from said business person.

A few months later - oh, we think you would be perfect to work with T. We’re going to be at the Cannabis Cup, it will be awesome. Fell through to due circumstances beyond anyone’s control. 

Few months later - I’m thinking of Weed Welcome Wagon. Thinking about dipping my toe into the entrepreneur water. Scared. Registered business name, bought domains etc. Said same person who promised me job as booking agent said she thought it was a great idea, plenty of promise, etc. Said oh, you should share a booth with T at the Denver County Pot Pavillion and the County Fair. Great!!! 

Spoke with T, she wants me to work for her. Excited. Thrilled. Going to be COO. Going to make this company take off. Errrrr…. except she has no sales and no money to pay me. Again, thank goodness, I had a lawyer look at the contracts and advise me not to sign. Not only did I not sign, I didn’t put any money into the company (other than my time and $400 ish). Took time off from work to go to Denver County Fair. 3 days and no sales. Absolutely no sales. Very eye-opening. Stopped assisting. Again. No work for free. Been there, done that, am not doing it again. Oh, and no press. This was the beginning of August. 

Spoke with another person, wants me to sell advertising for her. Excuse me, but no one goes to your site. How am I supposed to sell them advertising when no one goes to the site? No can do. Why would anyone advertise on a site that gets no traffic? 


Went to Denver to get badge to work in MMC/OPC/MIP anything. Applied for jobs. Applied for a fucking receptionist job where they wanted social media skills. Wrote a kick ass cover letter. No calls. Applied for budtender job in Boulder. Sorry, not interested. Fine, fuck you.

September - over $2000 in unexpected bills. Two cats, two abcesses, one car repair and now… great, the washing machine is broken and is probably going to be $350/400 to fix. 

Depressed. Very, very, very, very depressed. No one that cares. No one to talk to. Called Boulder Mental Health. Answering machine. Great. Sent emails to a few therapists. Waiting to hear back from them to tell me they aren’t accepting new patients. 

Discouraged. I guess I’m just going to have to take a job, just to have a job. Forget that I want to work in the Cannabis Industry. Forget that I’ve been working on social media and growing my knowledge by attending seminars and daily research/learning. I’m “too old”. 


I’ve written people telling them I’m looking for a job. I’ve got my LinkedIn updated, but nooooo… we aren’t going to even interview you and now? Now? You really think I can go back to corporate work? What’s the first thing you do after you meet someone? You Google them. What comes up when you Google me? Cannabis, marijuana. Think I’m going to pay for training in VMWare and then not get a job offer because I’m an activist and obviously enjoy both adult use Cannabis and have my medical card? Nope. 


I’m broke, I have a $3000 a month mortgage and I can’t find a job in the Cannabis industry and more than half of them need, as in really could use, some good social media. “Oh, we have a social media team” - oh you do? With one Facebook post a month, no Twitter presence and a webpage that hasn’t been updated with your newer products? Sure you do. 

Nothing is good. I don’t even remember what “happy” is. Happy? That’s other people. Not me. I’m bitter. I’m cynical. My life is over and I just need to go away. I’m a failure. I suck. I’m overweight. I’m alone. I hate everything and right now, everyone. 

I keep going but I don’t know for how much longer I can. I don’t want to go on anymore. 

I want a full-time job. I want to work in the Cannabis industry. I want to be a valued employee. I have great references. I’m a fast learner and an even faster typer. I’m old. I’m invisible. I’m bitter. I’m depressed. I keep going. I’ve taken the initiative to go get my Colorado badge at the tune of $150 for two years. 

I want a vacation. I want a friend. I want someone to care about me, like I care about them. I want to die. I have no one. 

Fuck you and you and you and you. And especially you. 

A Tablet for Grandma

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Tablets may seem easy to use, but the AARP is convinced that older Americans don’t feel that way. So the organization has developed a device just for them.

Sara Conrad's insight:

It’s shit like this, AARP, that makes me really dislike you. 

This is made for super oldsters, like my dad who is 85. And, oh boy, “technicians will be able to “see exactly what the user is doing” - also known as dialing into the box. As in, remote person has access to your computer. As in - DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER. As in - this is a tablet for true beginners.

Way to be AARP, way to be… just how many ‘over 50’s’ do you think need this? Over 85 yes, over 50, no.

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